Stationery, Email and Powerpoint Slides

Stationery System

All departments and offices at Illinois College must conform to official College stationery guidelines. Letterhead, envelopes and business cards are the first contact many people have with Illinois College. They are often the primary means of presenting the College's graphic identity clearly and consistently.

Stationary and business cards must use official office, department and program names, and business cards can only promote official titles employee tiles.


No Additions

Additional logos, symbols or art, besides the IC Athletic logo, cannot be added to the College's standard stationery design.


Orders for stationery items should be placed through the Office of Marketing and Communication to maintain consistency in design and color. Orders can be placed online through Connect2. Stationery should not be printed using outside vendors without approval.

Email Signatures

Email signatures are a great way to share contact information and help promote Illinois College to external audiences. Suggestions for email signatures include:

Phone Numbers
Physical Addresses
Illinois College or Department Website Links

Colors should follow, as closely as possible, brand colors outlined in this style guide. 

PowerPoint Slides

Illinois College branded PowerPoint slides are a great addition to your conference or classroom presentation. Three different looks have been made available for download to assist you while you are representing the College and can be customized to fit your needs.

Powerpoint templates

Template One Download | Template Two Download | Template Three Download

Athletics Template Download*
*Please note: The Athletics template is to only be used by the Illinois College Athletics department