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First-Year Experience

Your first year in college will be full of exciting new experiences!

You will want to do everything possible to ensure your success once you arrive on campus. The First-Year Experience integrates the people and programs developed to welcome and support all new students into our IC community.


Prepare for fall semester by signing up for classes, talking with an academic advisor, and learning about your first-year experience.

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A small learning community to explore an exciting topic and make connections with faculty, staff and student Academic Mentors committed to your success. Your FYS also includes one Workshop Day a week to focus on critical reading skills, note-taking strategies, and other academic skill development.

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All first-year students read a common text over the summer. As you read, you will also complete a note-taking assignment to be turned in the first day of your FYS class.

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Begin your Illinois College career, attend orientation sessions, and get to know campus and your classmates. Your Involvement Leader will lead the way!

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An introduction to the value of service, new students and faculty members spend a day during Welcome Week immersed in the Jacksonville community making a difference.

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While most weeks you’ll meet exclusively with your FYS class, the entire first-year class will attend special Convocations together at least three times during the semester covering topics like diversity and equity, healthy choices and wellness, and the summer common reading.

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The First Year Matters!

Your first year sets you up for success, so get ready to meet your personal group of success advisors. Your team is a hand-selected group of people dedicated to helping you navigate it all at Illinois College.

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