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Policy to Inhibit Illegal File Sharing
Illinois College actively blocks many websites that are used only for illegal file sharing. The College employs measures in its firewall to block file sharing at the application layer of the network, essentially blocking file sharing programs themselves from connecting to the Internet, including torrents. Further information on this policy can be found in the Illinois College Student Handbook - IC BlueBook.
Student Attendance and Federal Financial Aid
If a student's poor attendance prevents him or her from making satisfactory academic progress, this could jeopardize his or her eligibility to receive federal financial aid.

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Student Complaint Process

Fall 2016 First-year Cohort Graduation Rates at Illinois College, by Biological Sex, Pell and Subsidized Loan Recipient Status and Ethnicity/Race

student outcomes 2016

*In accordance with FERPA guidelines, cell percentages representing very small Ns are suppressed.

The four-year average Student-Right-To-Know graduation rate at Illinois College: 66%