Illinois College Logos

The official Illinois College logos are the primary elements of the College's visual identity. There are a variety of variations outlined below of the academic, athletic, development and alumni, and admission logos. The Office of Marketing and Communication oversees and approves all usage of College logos. Please contact Brooke Gronewold for permissions and all logo request.

College Logos

The Illinois College academic logo represents the college and should be the first choice when using a logo for print or electronic media. The logo may only be used in these color versions.

Academic Logos_3.jpg


If the size of the space for the logo is wide rather than square, the logo may be used in its horizontal version.

Academic LogosH_0.jpg


There are three additional official versions of the logo. The first is the logo with "Jacksonville, Illinois" underneath:

Academic LogosJville_0_0.jpg

The second additional official version of the logo contains "Founded 1829" underneath:

Academic LogosFound_0.jpg

The third additional version of the logo contains "online" underneath:

academic online logos

The window segment of the logo should not be used separately from the remainder of the logo. The Illinois College words may be used separately from the window segment of the logo in the following versions of the IC wordmark:

Academic LogosTwoLine.jpg


The Illinois College wordmark may also be used in a single line:

Academic LogosOneLine.jpg


Color Variations

The logo can appear in two or one color versions, using the following guidelines. The Illinois College logo must only be used in True Blue, True Blue and grey, black or white. The Illinois College logo should never be used in any other color.

Minimum Spaces

A specified clear space ensures the integrity and impact of the Illinois College logo. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that there is clearance equal to the size of the letter 'C' from the word COLLEGE in the IC logo. There may be cases where it is difficult to allow the full-recommended clear space (e.g. a very small display ad), and best judgment should prevail.

Logo Space.jpg

Academic Companion Logos

The logo represents the entire College, but logos exist for many departments, offices, and programs. These are called companion logos. Departments and offices at Illinois College each have their own companion logo. Companion logos include the IC logo in either the horizontal or vertical version and the name of the department underneath. These logos should not be recreated or modified and should be used only with the authority of the Office of Marketing and Communication.

The same color, size and spacing rules that apply to the College logo, apply to companion logos:


Illinois College Seal

The seal identifies formal College occasions such as Commencement and board matters. All use of the seal requires permission form the Office of Marketing and Communication. 


Athletic Logo

The Athletic logo, block IC, should only be used on athletic pieces.

Athletic Logos.jpg


Athletic secondary logos can be used in place of the Illinois College athletics logo:

Athletic Logos2.jpg


The athletic logo also has a set of wordmarks that can be used in place of the logo when appropriate:

Athletic Logos3.jpg


Athletic Companion Logos - Each athletic team on the Illinois College campus is able to use the companion logo that corresponds with their program.

Athletic Logos4.jpg


Development and Alumni Logos

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations has a few official College logos that can be used on the appropriate materials.

The IC Fund logo can be used in the following ways:

IC Fund.jpg

The Illinois College Varsity Club logo can be used in the following ways:



The Illinois College Society logo can be used in the following ways:



The All in for IC logo is the wordmark for the Illinois College day of giving. It can be used in the following ways:



The Inspiring Achievement logo is the wordmark for the College's capital campaign initiative. It can be used in the following ways:


The Purpose, Passion & Philanthropy logo is the wordmark for the Women In Philanthropy initiative. It can be used in the following ways:



Additional Logos

The Office of Admissions has a few official College logos that can be used on appropriate materials.

The Finish in 4 logo can be used on documents discussing this program:



The Graduate READY wordmark can be used in a variety of College colors that correspond with the photo they are placed over.



Additional Notes

Logos should be used in their original form; please do not re-create or modify official logos or try to create new versions. Additional logos confuse the brand and are not permitted. Designs created for individual departments, programs or events do not replace official logos. Official logos should be used on all external materials such as advertisements, marketing materials, stationery, business cards, presentations representing the College, and the College's website. 

One logo per piece is a best practice. For example, the window logo and the interlocking IC should not be used in the same design. 

Other campus entities are encouraged to use typeset treatments to identify themselves within the College brand and visual identity guidelines.