Strategic Plan

Illinois College's strategic plan to ensure student success, realize strategic growth, and achieve sustainable foundations is represented graphically through our Strategy Map.

In 1829 our founders brought an enterprising vision to the prairie and changed the face of education in the region. Illinois College is committed to continuing this tradition of innovation and excellence so that future graduates will join our alumni as leaders in their professions and communities. This is a pivotal moment in Illinois College’s history.  Ensuring excellence in a rapidly changing world is a challenge, but the College is moving forward boldly to ensure our students Graduate READY.  

Illinois College’s abiding commitment is to provide students with a high-quality liberal arts education that prepares them exceptionally well for the complex world they will face after graduation. The Strategy Map is our guide to doing just that and, as a result, we are building an international reputation for inspiring achievement and empowering students to make a difference in the world. 

strategy map