Brand & Style Guide

Brand and Style Guide

The Illinois College brand is built upon a set of aspirations (what we want to be), realities (who we really are) and perceptions (what people believe about us). Simply put, the more focused our brand, the more effectively we communicate with consistency who we are and connect these three realities. This helps Illinois College recruit students that believe in our core values and want to be part of what we do, it helps increase retention rates, and inspires friends and alumni to support our mission and vision.

For this purpose, the Office of Marketing and Communication has been charged to oversee, maintain and protect the Illinois College brand.

There are multiple layers to a brand: purpose, personality, promise, positioning, and identity.

The Brand and Style Guide is a collection of elements that represent the College brand identity. These elements are used to connect who we are with what others perceive while eliciting an emotional response.  This collection of brand identity elements includes, but is not limited to, the College name, logos, colors, elements of design, language, specific types of photography and videography, all of which are used for internal and external marketing materials, in advertisements, on the College’s official websites and social media channels, in official communications, and additional elements outlined in this style guide. 

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For additional information, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communication at 217.245.3460, or by visiting 232 Park St.