Finish in 4

According to the US Department of Education, most undergrads aren’t graduating in four years anymore. Considering that each additional year spent earning your degree will cost you an average of almost $70,000 in tuition and lost wages, our guarantee will have a big impact on your future. 

By enrolling in Illinois College's Finish in 4 program, you're making the most of your college investment and setting yourself up for success when you receive your diploma.

What is Finish in 4?

  • It's a voluntary program for first-time, first-year students.Finish in 4 logo
  • You are paired with an academic adviser who will assist with academic planning, course registration and career guidance to keep you on track.
  • Maintain continuous enrollment earning a C or better in your classes
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Why it matters:

  • Gain earlier entrance to the job market than your peers.
  • Get all of your classes done and still have time to study abroad, do an internship or engage in research with faculty that sets you apart because you've planned ahead.
  • Your family can create a four-year financing plan without the surprise costs of an additional year (or two.)

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