Jacksonville is a place where you will feel safe, where you will hang out with friends at a local restaurant and where you will recognize people as you walk along the sidewalk. It's a place where you are as likely to see your professor at the grocery store as you are in the IC cafeteria. This makes Jacksonville a wonderful community in which to live and learn.

Jacksonville has a population of 25,000 people, more than 50 restaurants, two movie theaters, four shopping centers, eight parks and two lakes. And on those occasions where you want to go bigger - St. Louis is 90 miles to the south, Chicago is 250 miles to the northeast and the capital city of Springfield is a short 30 miles to the east. All just an easy drive away.

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Jacksonville Named to Top 30 Main Streets!
Jacksonville's historic downtown was named to Best Value Schools' Top 30 Most Charming College Town Main Streets. Our picturesque downtown features a traditional square with local shops, bars, and restaurants lining each street. Whether you want to study in the coffee shop, go see a movie or browse a bookstore, Illinois College students have plenty to choose from when it comes to dining, shopping, museums and other leisure activities.