Emergency Procedures

If a major emergency such as a tornado, hazardous materials accident, or active shooter event occurs, the College's Incident Management Team will direct the College's emergency response.  Specially trained response and support teams will be activated. At all times, Illinois College's highest priority is the safety and well being of student, faculty, and staff.
Your responsibilities are to be familiar with the information provided here, to be certain your contact information is current in the College's database, and to know the evacuation routes for your residence hall (these are posted on the back of the door in your room).
When in doubt about what to do if you encounter a situation that makes you concerned about your safety or the safety of others, call the Department of Public Safety at 217.245.3111.


Emergency | 911
Public Safety | 217.245.3111
Chesley Health and Wellness Center | 217.245.3038
Templeton Counseling Center | 217.245.3038
Campus Services/Facilities | 214.245.3162
Public Safety Escort Service | Safety escort services are available from any campus location by contact Public Safety whenever you have concerns about your safety