Shelter In Place

Illinois College is committed to getting accurate emergency alerts and information to members of the community as soon as possible. However, in the first minutes of an emergency, you may need to make an immediate decision to "shelter-in-place" or move to a safer location. You should understand and plan for both possibilities.

Use common sense and available information, including what you are learning here, to determine if there is immediate danger. Whether you are at home, work or elsewhere, there may be situations when it's best to stay where you are and avoid any rapidly changing or unknown situation outside. There are other circumstances when staying put and creating a barrier between yourself and potential danger is a matter of survival. Use available information to assess the situation.

Shelter In Place or Lock-Down

Depending on the circumstances, when the College issues a campus alert calling for a lock-down or to shelter-in-place, you should:

  • Move into or stay inside the nearest building
  • Go to any interior room or office with few windows, if possible
  • Close all windows and doors and, if possible, turn off all lights. If possible, also turn off all fans. If the Shelter In Place is called due to toxic gas, cover all vents
  • If the door has a window, cover it or close the blinds. Stay away from windows and doors
  • Remain quiet and quietly take note of all individuals present
  • Remain in place and do not open doors or windows until notified by College authorities, or an all clear notification is received.

You do not need to call Public Safety when a Shelter In Place is needed. They are aware of the alert/emergency.