Active Shooter

What you need to know and what you should do:

Take Charge: Prior thought equals confidence.
The Gift of Fear: Trust your instincts.
Make a decision: Do not wait to react!

  1. Run Out: If a shooter is in the building:
    • Exit immediately if it is safe to do so
    • Run in a direction away from the sounds of shots fired
    • Notify others as you exit
    • Seek shelter in a safe location
    • Call 911
  2. Hide Out: If leaving the building is not possible or lock-down is announced:
    • Go to the nearest room
    • Allow others to seek refuge with you, but spread out
    • Close and lock the door
    • If there is no lock, barricade the door with something heavy
    • Pull shades and turn out lights
    • Silence phones or other equipment
    • Stay quiet after calling 911
    • Avoid the temptation to open the door
    • Remain in lock-down until you receive instructions from Public Safety or the police
  3. Resist: Trust Your Intuition
    • Know your personal capability
    • Do whatever it takes - you are stronger than you think

The Response:

  • The first goal for response personnel is to get to the shooter
  • Officers need as much information as possible, so when calling 911, please give the number of shooters, location, what they are wearing and any other information you can think to provide.