Fire & Evacuation Procedures


  1. Calmly alert people in the area of the fire and activate the nearest fire alarm
  2. Do not attempt to retrieve items in another area of the building
  3. Evacuate the building using the stairs. Do not use elevators!
  4. Close as many doors behind you as possible
  5. Touch doors with the back of your hand to see if they are hot. Do not open hot doors
  6. Call the Fire Department by dialing 911
  7. Report to the building's designated evacuation area at least 500' from the building and wait for further instructions

If trapped in a building:

  1. Close all window and doors
  2. Wet and place cloth material around and under doors to prevent smoke from entering
  3. Call 911 for help and tell them your location


  1. When you hear a fire alarm, immediately stop what you are doing and exit the building
  2. While leaving, take note of any hazards and any remaining occupants
  3. If requested, assist anyone who appears to need direction or assistance
  4. Take with you ONLY essential personal items (wallet, keys, etc.)
  5. Shut all doors behind you, but do not lock them. Closed doors can slow the spread of fire, smoke and water
  6. Once outside, proceed directly to the building evacuation site
  7. Do not leave the evacuation site unless directed to do so by emergency personnel