Study Abroad Programs

Studying abroad means planning well ahead and working with our advisors to be prepared for the unique opportunity. 

Students must apply internally to Illinois College first, with applications due in the Fall (by Dec. 1) prior to the Academic Year when they intend to study abroad. That is, applications for a semester abroad (Fall, Spring, or Summer) are due more than a semester, sometimes more than a year before actually going there.

You will need to consider how a semester abroad would fit into your major, or how it might affect possible required courses. For Modern Language majors, a semester of Study Abroad is required to develop proficiency. Concerning costs, we work hard to make study abroad/off-campus study affordable. Most of your financial aid package travels with you, and there are many travel awards to cover extra costs. Speak to the Director of Global Programming directly to discuss your particular circumstances, goals, and needs.

  • Studying Abroad in Japan – Illinois College study abroad exchange programs bring Japanese students to Illinois College for a year and send Illinois College students to Ritsumeikan and Kanazawa Universities for a semester or full year (shorter summer and winter programs are also available). Tuition costs the same as at Illinois College. For more information, please refer to Study Abroad/Off-Campus Study, or contact Rebecca Spencer, Associate Director of Global Programming, at or 217.245.3268.
  • Intercultural Exchange Program – Every year, a group of about 25 Ritsumeikan University students visit our campus for four weeks in February and March to learn about U.S. culture and to study English. They stay with a local host family for two weeks and then move to a college residence hall for the last two weeks of their stay. Many Illinois College students are involved in this program and volunteer in their classrooms as pronunciation leaders and writing partners. Illinois College students also serve as hosts for the Ritsumeikan students. Students in the Illinois College Japanese language classes have collaboration classes with IEP Ritsumeikan students once a week to learn each other’s culture and language.