Adding or Dropping a Course

Courses added from the fifth day of class to the tenth day of class require instructor permission. From the 5th day to the 10th day of classes, all changes require the use the paper form below. With advisor approval, courses may be dropped through Monday of the tenth week of classes. Courses dropped after the 10th day will result in a “W” grade. If dropping a class results in a course load of less than 12 hours, students become ineligible for intercollegiate athletics for the remainder of the term and students living on campus will need to obtain the signature of the Director of Residential Life prior to submitting the drop form.  

Before the 5th day of courses, students use  Connect2 for a normal add or drop. If there are restrictions, such as courses which are beyond their limit or require instructor approval, students must use a paper add-drop form and obtain the appropriate faculty signatures.