The music program offers opportunities for students of any major, regardless of ability, to engage in challenging curriculum and learn through practical experience in preparation for 21st-century careers. 


  • The music program is customizable to any student at Illinois College — whether you are looking to pursue advanced study in music, stay involved after high school, or try something new. 
  • Ensembles, lessons, and music scholarships are available for any talented student, regardless of academic major or minor.
  • You can gain hands-on experience performing, composing, teaching, researching and conducting. Working side-by-side with our renowned faculty, you will be mentored by accomplished conductors, performers, composers and music scholars who care about your success. 
  • Within the last five years, IC students have performed at regional and national conferences, and toured to locations such as Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Nashville, San Antonio and New Orleans. Music students have also studied abroad in places like Germany. 
  • The music program connects students with distinguished performers, conductors, composers, and scholars on campus. Students regularly perform on stage in front of their peers and attend concerts held throughout the year, like the Illinois College Fine Arts Series, Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra and the Engelbach-Hart Music Festival
  • All music students, whether minors or student ensemble members, will develop transferable skills for any career such as the ability to think creatively and to express ideas artistically. Submit a student interest form to learn more. 


Alumni from Illinois College's music program have gone on to some of the top graduate programs in the country, such as Indiana University, Rice University, and Western Illinois University. 

Other recent graduates are professional performers, teachers and arts administrators working in music across the country and throughout the world in places like Chicago, Nashville, Houston, London, Paris and Munich.