Every organization needs excellent management to succeed, and our interdisciplinary management program will prepare you to enter a variety of fields as one of tomorrow’s leaders. 


  • The management major will allow you to learn by doing, starting with your first management course.
  • You will gain hands-on experience putting management theories in real-world practice. 
  • This program integrates foundational courses in accounting, economics and finance with courses covering various aspects of management and strategy to prepare you for successful management careers.
  • Before graduation, you will gain professional experience by completing one or more internships with business and/or non-profit organizations. IC’s expert faculty and staff will connect you with the best opportunities to gain experience relevant to your interests and goals for the future. 
  • As a management student at IC, you will have the option to easily double major in several other programs, thanks to an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum design.


A management degree will have you thinking critically, solving complex problems, working effectively in teams, writing well and speaking articulately — skills that today’s employers are seeking from graduates.

Management alumni go on to find success in a broad range of fields, including accounting and economics. The skills you will acquire can apply within any context or situation, whether you decide to pursue a graduate degree or immediately jump into a professional career.