The entrepreneurship minor pairs well with a variety of majors and provides insight into the business world and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. 


  • You will be empowered and encouraged by faculty to explore business concepts as they relate to your intended career or major field of study.
  • You will connect with local entrepreneurs who will mentor and advise you based on their diverse experiences.
  • You will gain hands-on practice creating a complete business plan for the venture of your choosing.
  • Coursework will highlight the opportunities and challenges you may face as an artist or musician interested in opening a talent-based business. You will better understand how to prepare for such an endeavor and how to start a fruitful enterprise.


This program is designed to give graduates the knowledge and confidence needed to start and run a small business or to apply business concepts in their chosen career. 

Coursework will also focus on developing the skills that today’s employers most value — like the ability to problem solve creatively, think critically and communicate effectively.