Sports Management 

If you want to "learn with the pros" as you work on projects with clients from MLB, the NBA and college sports, our sports management program could be a great fit for you. 


  • The sports management major will prepare you for a variety of career options after graduation, including, but not limited to, sports.
  • The sports management program will allow you to work on real-world projects with clients that include MLB and NBA teams. Recent projects have included season ticket sales research with the Milwaukee Brewers, and measuring attendance influences for the Indiana Pacers.
  • As a sports management student, you will have the opportunity to complete multiple internships where you can apply classroom knowledge and build professional networks. Recent interns have worked in professional baseball, professional tennis, fitness facilities, park districts and professional golf.
  • You will be connected to faculty experts that can guide you through student-faculty research with the possibility of publishing your findings in sports and marketing journals and presenting your work at professional conferences.
  • As you progress through the program, you will learn various aspects of sports management, including league structures, media contracts, roles of agents, collective bargaining agreements and revenue sharing. You will also learn to create and execute promotional strategies aimed at building attendance, developing sponsorships and enhancing game-day experiences.
  • As a senior, you will complete a semester-long group project, typically with a professional or college sports organization. Your group will define a problem, collect and analyze data, and develop a solution for the organization. Recent projects have included calculating customer lifetime value for season ticket holders, evaluating the use of dynamic pricing, examining the use of incentives for season ticket renewals, and examining how roster changes influence attendance.


The sports management program will prepare you for three career paths — working on the business side of professional sports, in athletic administration (usually continuing to grad school), or in recreation management.

Recent Illinois College alumni have found success in roles working for professional sports teams like the Indiana Pacers, the Chicago White Sox and the Memphis Redbirds.

When you apply for graduate school or reach the moment you are being interviewed by your future employer, the sports management program will give you the life-changing experiences that will set you apart from other candidates.