As a student in religion, you will explore ideas, values and practices of various religions and learn how our understanding of faith shapes our view of human nature. 


  • The religion minor will enrich your study of any major subject area, whether in math and science, social science, business and economics, education or humanities and the arts.
  • Religious literacy is vital for social networking, civic responsibility, global understanding and professional work in all fields.
  • You will experience religious diversity in the community through site visits working with people of diverse faiths at mosques, synagogues, Sikh temples, and other religious sites.
  • All courses in the religion program emphasize the development of skills related to thinking and writing. You will work closely with texts and develop the analytical skills needed to explore the complex ideas and values that form the basis of human civilization.


Students who study religion Graduate READY for careers in fields like public service, ordained ministry in Protestant and Catholic churches, teaching, business management and healthcare.

Alumni from Illinois College have spoken about how important religion courses were to prepare them for effective engagement in an increasingly interrelated, multicultural world. Learning valuable skills related to social and vocational life, ultimately will enrich your appreciation of human culture in all its diversity.