Illinois College’s cutting-edge neuroscience program will give you a strong understanding of the brain, and prepare you for success in a variety of careers in medicine, healthcare and public policy.


  • A brand new, state-of-the-art Crispin Hall will open August 2023 that will power STEM majors at Illinois College.
  • Neuroscience is among the country’s fastest growing professional fields with opportunities in rapidly expanding industries like the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.
  • The neuroscience program will connect you to faculty who are leaders in their fields and will mentor and guide you. 
  • You will have a variety of student-faculty research, clinical and internship experiences to apply your skills within professional settings. IC’s established relationships to research institutions, professional organizations and alumni working in the field will help you discover these life-changing opportunities.  
  • Your studies will be rooted in the liberal arts with a focus on interpreting issues from a wide range of viewpoints, through many different lenses and disciplines, like psychology, biology, philosophy and political science. 
  • The neuroscience program can prepare you for a variety of careers where a deeper understanding of the brain is valuable — like health care, research, medical journalism, biotech or pharmaceutical industries or education. 


Recent alumni have been accepted into some of the top graduate programs for neuroscience in the country, like the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Texas at Dallas, SIU School of Medicine and the University of Illinois. 

Graduates can apply their skills to gain success working in neuroscience as medical practitioners or researchers, or to become effective educators, biomedical sales people, computer scientists or lawyers.