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Inspiring Achievement The Campaign for Illinois College


To inspire achievement and empower students to realize their full potential, Illinois College’s classrooms must provide innovative learning environments with integrated technology.

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Teaching and learning have changed dramatically in light of the global pandemic and Illinois College needs your help to provide technology-rich, collaborative, and flexible classrooms that prepare students for a changing workplace.

One of the College’s highest priorities within the Inspiring Achievement Campaign is to renovate Crispin Hall, built in 1963. A renovated Crispin Hall will connect our students and faculty with the tools and technology needed to flourish.

This new home for computer science, mathematics, physics, and psychology will provide extensive space for collaboration, both among students and between students and their faculty mentors. This renovation will:

  • Provide students with contemporary learning spaces that attract, engage, and inspire them; 

  • Expand our academic offerings to include exploding fields like neuroscience, engineering, actuarial and data management;

  • Equip world-class faculty with technology-rich classrooms and labs for teaching and research;

  • Ensure vital resources for the College to remain competitive in recruiting and retaining students and preparing them for 21st-century careers. 

These technology-dependent fields require IC to keep pace to ensure students Graduate READY to be leaders and changemakers in a rapidly changing workplace. And because our liberal arts approach means all students must understand dynamic interactions of economic, social, political, and scientific issues, Crispin will play an integral role in every single Illinois College student’s education.

Some of the best and brightest recruits to exploding fields like engineering and neuroscience require spaces that attract, inspire and engage. In touring Crispin Hall they are met with peeling paint and cracking tiles. An investment of $11 million in Crispin Hall will transform an outdated and underutilized academic building into a state-of-the-art research center designed for hands-on learning that provides graduates a competitive advantage in technology-rich fields.

Your investment in this critical project will immediately make Illinois College more competitive in the marketplace by increasing enrollment, strengthening the academic offerings, and making future alumni better positioned for graduate programs and successful careers. 

Now is the time for great acceleration as Illinois College empowers students to make a difference in the world. The world needs Illinois College graduates now more than ever but students need your help. 

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73% of IC Students Take at Least One Class in Crispin During the Academic Year.