The majority of IC students graduate with at least one internship experience. Many decide to “test drive” several career paths to make confident decisions for their futures. Internships will give you the chance to apply academic concepts in the workplace while networking with professionals in your field of study. 

Our dedicated staff in the Office of Career Services works one-on-one to connect students with internships to fit their individual goals. Faculty and staff will guide and advise through the application process. Between summer 2016 and spring 2017, 178 Illinois College students completed 246 reported internships at 144 unique internship sites around the country and world. Internships often lead to future opportunities, including full-time job offers. 

When you apply for graduate school or reach the moment you are being interviewed by your future employer — these are the life-changing experiences that will set you apart from other candidates. Our faculty and staff are here to connect you with a growing number of leaders in education and industry throughout the world.