Convocation Program


  • inspire achievement and empower students to make a difference in the world by facilitating shared experiences around ideas of universal importance. 
  • ensure that students have academic and co-curricular experiences outside of the classroom that will supplement and complement the education taking place inside the classroom.
  • bring ideas of wide interest to all students, regardless of their focus of study, and bring contemporary issues and personalities to the campus.
  • promote the development of well-rounded and successful students.
  • provide an important opportunity to increase diversity on campus, by providing a venue to hear from speakers otherwise underrepresented on campus.

Graduation Requirement

Because convocations are an integral and valuable part of the Illinois College student educational experience, all students are required to attend 30 convocations prior to graduation. Students are expected to fulfill this requirement by the end of their junior year, by attending an average of five convocations per semester.