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Illinois College’s Pathways to Engineering Program provides foundational engineering courses and gives you all the benefits of a liberal arts education — the communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills that will set you apart in a competitive industry.


If you are interested in pursuing a future in engineering, our Pathways to Engineering program outlines several main paths to help you reach your goal. Our students have pursued careers in engineering fields such as aerospace, applied physics, biomedical, chemical, computer, cybersecurity, electrical, environmental, materials, mechanical, mechatronics, robotics and more.


  • You can take part in student-faculty research on campus or participate in a funded program off campus, with options to work domestically or abroad. 
  • Internships will connect you with industry leaders as you grow your professional skills, develop area expertise and get a taste of what’s to come in your career path.
  • With a faculty to student ratio of 11:1, your plan of study can be customized, allowing you to form deeper relationships with faculty members who truly care about you and want to see you succeed. 
  • Guest speakers and lecturers will cover the many facets of the field and share opportunities for studying engineering and insight about what it’s like to be an engineer.
  • You will join a community of scholars in the Engineering or Physics Club and by taking part in IC’s Design for America studio where you can apply engineering skills to solve a major problem in the community working with students from other disciplines on campus. 
  • During the IC Science Festival, an annual spring event, you will have the opportunity to put on exciting and fun demos for the community, educating others about various science and engineering concepts.


The Pathways to Engineering program gives you the foundations for success in engineering. There are multiple paths leading either to dual bachelor’s degrees (in physics and engineering) or direct entry into a master’s program in engineering. IC’s program will set you on the path to success.