Criminal Justice

Whether you see yourself in the courtroom, involved in on-the-ground policing or working the administrative side of law enforcement, our criminal justice program will prepare you for the future.  


  • You will become an independent decision-maker, able to navigate complex and challenging criminal justice environments through our interdisciplinary liberal arts program.
  • Coursework in the program spans the sciences and incorporates social sciences, humanities and history, along with specific fields in criminal justice. 
  • Our expert faculty will help you understand and explore the complexities of working in the criminal justice system while examining the impact of cultural values and social inequalities on this institution.
  • Specialists in the areas of law, police work, and institutional and community corrections will instruct courses, giving you a wide range of resources, deeper insight and broader knowledge about the field.
  • You will have opportunities for hands-on experience exploring the careers available within criminal justice with the chance for internships at the local, county and state levels. 


Illinois College alumni can be found working in all corners of criminal justice, including as chiefs of police, police officers, U.S. Marshals, corrections officers, lawyers and judges. With this newly created program, you will also be prepared to enter a wider-range of professions that includes careers as a conservation officer, FBI agent, criminal profiler and more. 

If you choose to continue to graduate school or law school, this program will help you stand out from the competition with a strong educational foundation and the critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills provided by a strong liberal arts education.