If you are interested in developing skills that can be applied to a variety of careers while gaining a deeper understanding of humanity through yourself, others and the larger society, then you should consider a major in sociology. 


  • In the sociology program, you will work closely with faculty to develop critical thinking skills, investigate and employ various research methodologies, and participate in civic engagement opportunities in the larger community to enhance your understanding of diversity and social inequalities in society.
  • As a student in the sociology program, you will gain knowledge of various research methodologies and work with community partners to carry out small scale research projects.
  • As a student in the sociology program, you will gain the confidence and preparation needed to enter graduate school or immediately begin your career path.
  • You will encounter multiple opportunities to enhance learning by working with community organizations. Some of the organizations that students in the sociology program regularly engage with and learn from are Midwest Youth Services, Habitat for Humanity, Jacksonville Police Department, Jacksonville Area Center for Independent Living, the Jacksonville Area Food Center, Spirit of Faith Community Center, Prairie Council on Aging, New Directions, the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce and special city council projects, such as the city-wide recycling program.


Alumni from the sociology program at Illinois College have a long history of being accepted into top graduate programs across the country, such as the University of Illinois, the University of Chicago, the University of Iowa, and Saint Louis University. Sociology graduates are prepared for a variety of master's and doctorate level programs including those in sociology, social work or human services, counseling, and gender and women's studies.

Alumni from the sociology program at Illinois College are also very successful at securing employment in the career paths of their choice, such as teaching, social work, youth advocacy, counseling, analysts in research organizations such as the Census Bureau, various positions within the criminal justice system and even nursing.