Do you want to travel? Learn about other cultures? Become a global citizen while mastering a language? Consider the Illinois College Spanish program. 


  • As a student studying Spanish, you will interact in the local Latino community. The coursework in the program is thorough and deliberate, fully preparing you for immersion in the Spanish-speaking world.
  • You will make connections and practice your language skills working with Spanish speakers on campus and in the local community. 
  • You will gain the confidence and preparation needed to use a foreign language in both personal and professional settings.
  • You will connect with faculty mentors who will educate and empower you for the challenges of becoming a global citizen.
  • You will have opportunities to integrate yourself into the community by participating in an internship or a research project on a topic of your choosing that explores a country where Spanish is spoken. 
  • You will be encouraged to immerse yourself in a country where Spanish is spoken by studying abroad or traveling on a global BreakAway. You will have guidance from faculty and staff and access to the resources and funds necessary to find experiences that best fit your goals. All students that go on a BreakAway trip are eligible for a $1000 grant from the College.
  • Illinois College offers students majoring in the natural and social sciences the opportunity conduct research in Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America.


Alumni from Illinois College's Spanish program have gone on to some of the top graduate programs in the country, including University of Chicago, United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica, American University, Washington University in St. Louis, Loyola University, University of Illinois, Tulane University, University of Denver, and New Mexico State University. A recent graduate was the recipient of the prestigious Fulbright fellowship. 

Graduates have also found success applying their linguistic and cultural expertise in their chosen careers, such as medicine, business, education, ecology, criminal justice, and many more.