When you choose to study English at Illinois College, you will have the freedom to explore various career opportunities related to the written word. 

Faculty and staff will guide you to learn about the larger field of English studies and the many opportunities it contains. You will have access to internships and hands-on practice inside and outside of the classroom to develop valuable professional skills. 

Majors in English are prepared for graduate school and a variety of careers. You will specialize in one of three distinct concentrations to prepare for a successful, meaningful career based in  English: 

  • The editing and publishing program will prepare you for a career in editing, marketing, communications, business and public relations. This innovative program covers changes to the field as evolving technology influences new media forms. 
  • The literature program will foster your passion and offer a global vision of written works. This program is excellent preparation for law school and a wide range of professional careers in areas like law and library science.
  • The writing program (choose either expository or creative) will introduce you to a blend of writing workshops and literature courses so you can improve your writing within a nurturing community. Graduates are prepared for meaningful careers in writing, content management, game design, grant writing, editing, public relations, social media, magazine publishing, technical writing and a host of other fields. 

You can Minor in English with a concentration in editing and publishing, literature, writing, or a combined literature and writing concentration. The English Department also offers a Professional Writing Minor which will help you gain experience in different types of professional writing, such as business writing, journalism, science and technical writing, writing for the Internet and social media, and writing about health and medicine.


Alumni have been accepted to graduate programs in literature, writing, publishing, library and information science, law, communication, film study, education, rhetoric and composition, English as a Second Language and intercultural communication. Recent graduates have attended Washington University in St. Louis, Notre Dame, Indiana University, University of Texas at Dallas,  Simmons College, Temple University, Iowa State University, Vancouver Film School, University of Sheffield (England), Drexel University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Kansas State University, Clemson University, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and others. 

Graduates have also gone on to serve in the Peace Corps, teach English in Japan and Korea, and hold a variety of careers in education, grant writing, law school, game design, law enforcement and business.