The French in global studies minor will allow you to see the world, reflect on your culture and become a global citizen with connections to French speakers in the local community and around the world. 


  • You will develop the knowledge, experience and confidence needed to use the French language in both personal and professional settings.
  • You will connect with faculty-mentors focused on educating and empowering you for the challenges of becoming a global citizen.
  • As a French student, you will work with French-speaking Congolese immigrants in the local  community during each level of the program to improve language skills, learn about another culture and provide educational support to all immigrant language learners. 
  • You will find the resources to study abroad in places like the Caribbean and France. Students who have studied in these areas have combined their study of French with ecology, development and international politics.
  • You will have access to a variety of internships, many focused on the Congolese community with the county health department, the school district, local businesses and service organizations.
  • The French program will introduce you to unique courses focused on the diversity of the contemporary French-speaking world, like "The Caribbean and the African Diaspora," which introduces students to the longstanding connections between the two regions and prepares students for experiential learning in the Caribbean.
  • You will be encouraged to apply your French language and culture skills to your studies in other areas like recent graduates who have also studied biology, English, international studies, political science and economics. The International Science Certificate allows students to have a concentration in a science field through French.


By studying the French language, you will become more conscientious of your writing, speaking and analytical skills in English, allowing you to be successful in a variety of careers. Recent graduates can be found working hospitality, data processing, teaching, banking, translation, community development, marketing and commerce. 

Recent alumni of the French program have been accepted into graduate programs at the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, The School for International Training, the University of Chicago, Western Illinois University, George Mason University and Johns Hopkins University.