Transfer Agreements

Preparing for a career in elementary education is now easier and more affordable due to an agreement between Illinois College and Lincoln Land Community College.

The 2+2 elementary education program lays out a straightforward, four-year course completion plan for students. Program participants complete a two-year LLCC Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree and then seamlessly transfer to IC to earn their Illinois teaching licensure. Qualifying students in the program can be dually enrolled at both schools, with certain IC courses offered at current LLCC tuition rates. Students meeting all requirements will receive expedited enrollment in IC’s Teacher Preparation Program.

Program Benefits:

  • Make the most of your resources - both time and money
  • Save on tuition by attending your first two years at Lincoln Land Community College
  • Easy-to-use course schedule ensures students in the program can graduate in four years
  • Graduate with a bachelor's degree in education from Illinois College
  • Access to a wide range of resources and benefits from both colleges
  • Guarantees you Graduate READY to jumpstart your career in elementary education
Requirements for expedited enrollment to IC:
  • Complete LLCC Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree
  • Complete coursework outlined on the course schedule plan
  • Complete coursework required for licensure with a grade of “C” or better
  • Earn a cumulative LLCC GPA of 2.75 or higher and an IC GPA of 2.75 or higher (for the two IC courses)
  • Complete 100 field hours
  • Pass ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) or satisfy this requirement with a qualifying ACT plus writing or SAT score
  • Successfully complete a fingerprint-based background check

2+2 Elementary Education Recommended Course Plan

  Illinois College & Lincoln Land Community College Elementary Education Agreement

Lincoln Land Community College

Associate in Arts Degree

Illinois College

Bachelor in Arts Degree
Fall Year 1       Fall Year 1     
LLCC Course   Hours   IC Course    Hours
EGL 101 Composition I   3   ED 330 Teach Lang Arts & Literacy    3
PSY 101 Intro to Psychology   3   ED 340 Teach Social Science   3
HIS 101 Western Civ I**   4   ED 342 Teach Science in Elem Schools   3
BIO 101 General Biology**   4   ED 360 Teaching Disciplinary Literacy   4
EDU 201 Intro to Teach   4   MA 127 Theory of Arithmetic   4
Total   18   Total   17
Spring Year 1       Spring Year 1    
LLCC Course   Hours   IC Course   Hours
EGL 102 Composition II   3   AR 225 Teaching Art in Elem School   4
CMN 101 Public Speaking   3   ED 205 Teaching Diverse Learners   4
GEG 102 World Geography   3   ED 389 Adv Cur, Instruct & Assessment   4
CHE 100 Contemp Chemistry   4   MA 128 Uncertainty & Shape   4
EDU 220 Diversity of Schools   3   Total   16
ED 267 Foundational Literacy*   2        
Total   18        
Fall Year 2       Fall Year 2    
LLCC Course   Hours   IC Course   Hours
ECO 110 Elements of Econ**   3   ED 343 Teach Math in Elem School   3
ART 101 Art Appreciation   3   ED 385 Classroom Management   4
MAT 113 College Algebra   4   EP 217 Health & Move in Elem School   2
PSY 214 Intro Child Psychology   3   PS 309 Psychology of Exceptional Child   4
SPA 101 Spanish I   4   Science   4
Total   17   Total   17
Spring Year 2       Spring Year 2    
LLCC Course   Hours   IC Course   Hours
HUM 101 Humanities I   3   ED 431 Org Content Knowl for Learn   4
MAT 141 Intro to Statistics   4  

ED 432 Classroom Envir Learning

POS 101 Intro to Amer Politics**   3   ED 433 Teaching for Student Learning   4
SPA 102 Spanish II   4   ED 434 Teacher Professionalism   4
ED 289 Curr, Instruction & Assessment*   4   Total   16
Total   18        
* Course taken at Illinois College    
 ** Please note that courses have alternate options.    
LLCC coursework can also be completed during the summer.     
All courses and program structure subject to change.