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The Department offers both a major and a minor. The major requires the completion of 37 semester hours of coursework (nine 4-credit courses and one 1-credit course); 5 productions (TH 150/151); and presentation of a Senior Showcase and Portfolio (TH 495):

TH 222
TH 231
TH 325 (1 credit)
Two from TH 361, TH 362 or TH 363 or approved substitute (2 courses)
TH 373
TH 485
TH 495

12 hours of approved electives: two must be Theatre Department courses at the 300-level or above; the third can be another TH 300-level course, or an English course focusing on the study of dramatic literature, or, for technical theatre track students, an Art course.

5 productions

At least 1 hour of theatre practice credit must be in Production (backstage), and at least 1 hour must be in Performance (onstage). Four of the five productions required for completion of the major and 2 of the 3 productions required for completion of the minor must be faculty-directed. All courses required for the major must be completed with a grade of ‘C-’ (1.67) or better.
The minor consists of 16 hours of coursework (4 courses) and 3 productions (TH 150/151):

TH 205, TH 222 or TH 231 (2 courses),
8 hours of electives (2-3 courses) at the 300-level or above
3 productions
TH 150 Theatre Practice (0 - 2.5) for faculty-directed work
A theatre practicum consists of significant participation in some facet of an Illinois College TheatreWorks production or an outside production, approved by the department chair.
1 credit hour awarded for backstage crew, or light and sound board operators
1.5 credit hours awarded for assistant stage managers\
2-2.5 credit hours awarded for stage managers
1.5-2.5 credit hours awarded for actors
TH 151 Theatre Practice (0 - 1) for student-directed one-acts/coursework
.5 credit hour awarded for backstage crew or light and sound board operators
.5-1 credit hour awarded for actors
1 credit hour awarded for stage managers

For TH 150 and TH 151, each credit hour is awarded for 45 hours of work, so credits earned vary depending on the student’s role in the production. Majors may count 12 theatre practice credit hours toward graduation and non-majors may count 8. Participation beyond these limits is registered at 0 credit hours.