Individualized Studies

If you are a trailblazer who wants to be a leader in a new field or are passionate about an unconventional career path, the individualized major is the answer.


  • You will have the ability to customize a program that can take you off the beaten path while you work directly with mentors and educators to design an individual plan with the end-goals you want. 
  • This program will open the door to many diverse fields, allowing you to create a degree specializing in areas like film studies, art conservation, social justice and activism or medical administration — just to name a few. 
  • This program will allow you to collaborate with students and faculty across campus to explore your interests in a focused way. 
  • You will play an active role in designing an educational path that will prepare you for success in a meaningful career. 
  • Your studies will be rooted in the liberal arts, and you will learn to interpret issues from a wide range of viewpoints, through many different lenses and disciplines. 
  • Your potential for learning will be maximized with diverse opportunities for hands-on learning and access to faculty mentors within multiple programs. 
  • You will be connected to other academic institutions, companies and organizations — locally and globally — resulting in unbeatable opportunities for internships, experiential learning and research projects related to your interests.     


Graduates of the individualized major gain real-world examples of their ability to communicate, engage with others, think critically and solve problems — all skills valued by today’s employers across a variety of professional fields. Many recent alumni have used this experience to be accepted into the top graduate programs across the country. 

Wherever you see yourself in the future, Illinois College can help you create a plan to get there.