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Special Circumstances

Your financial need is calculated based on information you provided on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Sometimes, though, families experience extenuating circumstances that are not reflected in the FAFSA.

This is usually due to a loss of job, loss of untaxed income or benefits, death, or separation and divorce.  

If you have a special circumstance that you were not able to account for on the FAFSA, you may request the Office of Student Financial Services to conduct a special circumstance review.  Please contact our office at 217.245.3035 and request to speak with someone about a special circumstance.

Please note: Before an adjustment to your FAFSA can be made, the Office of Student Financial Services is required to verify that the information provided on the FAFSA is accurate, through the process of verification.  For more information about this process, please review the information on the Verifying Income Guide for the correct academic year.