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A minor in music consists of a minimum of 20 hours and must include the following:

  • 7 hours of Music Theory (MU 111, MU 112)
  • 4 hours of Music History (MU 303 or MU 304)
  • 4 Hours of additional study in Music Theory or Musicology (211/221, 303, 304, 141 [popular music], 142 [world music]
  • 2 hours of Applied Music* (200-level) (two consecutive semesters of study)
  • 2 hours of Ensemble Participation
  • 1 elective hour of MU 122, Applied Music, or Ensemble Participation
  • Successful completion of MU SR

*Two hours of applied music are to be taken over two consecutive semesters, under the same instructor, on the same instrument or voice in alignment with the student’s primary area of competency. Vocalists may substitute MU 109 (Class Voice) for one semester of applied study.

Ensemble participation is suggested for all music minors each semester. All minors must also enroll in MUSR, a non-credit requirement to attend a minimum number of 6 concerts and recitals each semester after declaration of the minor. Minors must attend MUSR for a minimum of 4 semesters.

To fulfill the fine arts requirement with music courses, music lessons or ensembles, a total of four applicable hours must be successfully completed for credit with the exception of transferring one 3-hour course.