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We offer opportunities for students to visit campus, connect with Illinois College community members and audition in front of music faculty.

 All students, regardless of major or minor, are eligible for a music scholarship. Students may audition in person (preferred) or submit an electronic or video audition. Students must be admitted to the College before auditioning for a Music Scholarship.

Virtual Audition Information

With the COVID-19 measures in place, the Music Department at Illinois College is allowing students to audition virtually for a scholarship, and is making it easier than ever to do so:

  1. Send a video recording of you performing two contrasting selections on instrument or voice. You can email a file directly to Dr. Christian Secrist at or submit a Youtube link.
  2. Once your video has been viewed by our faculty, we will contact you to schedule a brief, live interview via Skype. 

Video submissions must be received before Saturday, May 16 and interviews completed before Friday, May 22. We understand that circumstances are difficult right now, and you may not have access to everything you need to complete the perfect audition. Feel free to adapt our requirements to suit your circumstances. We understand that you may not have access to an accompanist. In some cases, you may not even have access to your preferred audition selection. 

Finally, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We are happy to hear from you and discuss any and all options during these unprecedented circumstances. 

Dr. Christian Secrist
Music Department Chair
Illinois College

Virtual Audition Procedures and Guidelines


  • Prepare two selections:  one art song and one other selection of your choice.  
  • Complete a short interview with music faculty.


  • Prepare two selections:  these may be etudes, solo works, or excerpts, but please choose two pieces of contrasting style.  
  • Complete a short interview with music faculty.


  • Submit one to three scores with or without recordings (MIDI acceptable). Scores may be e-mailed as PDFs to 
  • Complete a short interview with music faculty.