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First-Year Experience

The First-Year Seminar at Illinois College introduces you to the unique value of a liberal arts education and will help you develop strategies for success that you will build on throughout your college journey.

Courses are focused on varying themes from a broad range of disciplines, and they offer incoming students an opportunity to enter into a small learning community with a team of student and professional mentors. 

 Intended learning outcomes:

  • learn strategies for success in college and become familiar with academic standards and IC values
  • gain confidence using college essential resources
  • understand how to develop plans for achieving goals
  • become proficient in active learning, including research, collaboration, and creative and critical thinking
  • engage in the learning community by participating in common learning experiences
  • form relationships with advisors, student affairs professionals, student leaders and peers
  • develop a greater understanding of diversity in the United States and the world
  • gain an understanding of your role within a connected, global community
  • learn the major goals and themes of the BLUEprint General Education Program exploring various fields