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Summer Common Reading Program

Summer Common Reading Program


The groundbreaking speeches of Greta Thunberg, the young climate activist who has become the voice of a generation, including her historic address to the United Nations. 

In August 2018 a fifteen-year-old Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg, decided not to go to school one day in order to protest the climate crisis. Her actions sparked a global movement, inspiring millions of students to go on strike for our planet, forcing governments to listen, and earning her a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

No One Is Too Small to Make A Difference brings you Greta in her own words, for the first time. Collecting her speeches that have made history across the globe, from the United Nations to Capitol Hill and mass street protests, her book is a rallying cry for why we must all wake up and fight to protect the living planet, no matter how powerless we feel. Our future depends upon it.

Purpose of the Summer Common Reading Program

The summer reading program is designed to introduce new students to the intellectual life of Illinois College. The goals of the program are to stimulate discussion and critical thinking surrounding topics of contemporary relevance, to enhance the connection between students, faculty and staff, and to provide a common experience.

The Assignment

All first-year students are expected to complete the reading over the summer. As they read, students will also complete a note-taking assignment to be turned in to their seminar class during Welcome Week. This will prepare them to begin sharing their ideas in discussion and in writing in their first-year seminar once the semester has begun. 

Useful tips for completing the assignment from our Academic Coach

Community Connection - Read with us!

More than 150 continuing students, staff and faculty have “opted in” to the summer reading program and will read the book with you this summer! They have also pledged to come out to lead and participate in events related to the book. Look for their “I opted in!” buttons the first week of classes!