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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Are there any confirmed cases of COVID-19 on campus or in the surrounding community?

The Morgan County Health Department and Passavant Area Hospital have confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the area. There are no confirmed or suspected cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) at Illinois College.  
The Illinois Department of Public Health has launched a coronavirus hotline to answer questions about the coronavirus and to report suspected cases of the disease by calling 800-889-3931. More information is available at

How will students and parents receive news updates from the College concerning coronavirus?

All updates will be emailed from President Farley to students’ IC email. Updates may also be shared with those parents who have a valid email on file with the college. Any message that is emailed to students and parents will be available (with a link to the Spanish translation) at Check your spam folder if you have not received a message. 

What is the College doing to prepare?

Illinois College is carefully monitoring news about the COVID-19. We are taking every step recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as outlined in their guidelines for administrators of institutions of higher education. The College is also working with local, county and state authorities and health officials, including Passavant Area Hospital, Jacksonville/Morgan County Office of Emergency Management and the Morgan County Health Department.

The College has suspended face-to-face instruction and has moved to a flexible format through the end of the semester. Though students may choose to remain on campus, the College is closed to nonessential visitors, including campus tours, in order to minimize travel to and from campus.

The dining hall has made important changes to ensure safety, including moving from self-service to carry out only. Our custodial staff is diligently sanitizing high-touch surfaces and continuously evaluating and training in our sanitation process.

Does Illinois College have a plan should a case of COVID-19 be confirmed on campus? 

Yes, Illinois College has worked closely with local health officials and agencies to develop a detailed plan of action should a case be confirmed on campus. Updates will be sent through the IC Alerts system and by email and be posted to the IC website.

Are Illinois College staff still working during this time of remote learning? 

Yes, College faculty and staff are still working during this time, but only essential employees will continue reporting to campus. Most faculty and staff will be completing work remotely.

How can those who want to support students at IC do so?

Students at Illinois College have been greatly impacted by the pandemic in various ways. As the College looks to provide resources for students, the IC Fund will address their most pressing needs and will be put to use immediately supporting students through this uncertain time. To make a gift to the IC Fund, visit

Health and Wellness

What is coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Information about coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), symptoms, prevention and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are available online at If you are a student who has left campus and tests positive for COVID-19, please contact the Chesley Health and Wellness Center at 217.245.3038.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

According to the CDC, symptoms caused by COVID-19 may appear two to 14 days after exposure. Symptoms include fever, cough and shortness of breath. More information about symptoms, including symptoms that indicate emergency warning signs requiring immediate medical attention, are available on the CDC website.

What are precautions I can take?

The CDC recommends taking precautions such as handwashing, social distancing, staying home when sick, covering coughs and sneezes, and cleaning and disinfecting. Facemasks are not needed unless a sick individual will be around others. For more details about preventative measures, visit the CDC website and the Chelsey Health and Wellness Center page.

How do I contact the campus health center?

The best way to contact the Chesley Health and Wellness Center is by phone at 217.245.3038. As recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, if you believe you have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop a fever and symptoms, such as a cough or difficulty breathing, you should contact your healthcare provider for medical advice. It is important for students to contact the campus health center or other healthcare provider by phone prior to visiting in person. The campus health center will remain open to provide health and mental health counseling services.

Are there mental health counseling services available?

Yes. Students must contact the office by phone 217.245.3038 to set up an appointment before visiting the center for any reason. For students who are on campus, the Chesley Health and Wellness Center of Illinois College will offer all regular health services at this time, including mental health counseling. Virtual counseling is available for those students still residing in Illinois and possibly in other states. Counselors can also help students in other states locate resources.

Operations, Facilities and Housing

What is the plan for housing and can I stay on campus?

The College remains open for students who choose to remain on campus, including residence halls, dining services and student support services. We understand that everyone’s situation is different and we are committed to supporting students whether they decide to go home or remain on campus. 

It is a privilege to remain on campus during this time so we are asking all students to display a tremendous amount of social responsibility to help protect the entire campus and Jacksonville community.

  • If you have chosen to leave campus, the expectation is that you stay at your home and not return to IC. You will not have access to your residence hall.
  • During this time there is a no-guests policy in place. This means there are absolutely no outside visitors permitted in any of the residence halls. However, it is permitted for parents to come help you move out. Students who did not inform the College they are staying on campus are not permitted to return to the residence halls without prior approval.
  • Students currently living on campus are expected to continue following all Illinois College policies. If a student violates campus policies, they will also lose the privilege to remain on campus and will need to move home immediately.
Will I have access to campus facilities and dining?

The College remains open to students who choose to stay on campus, including residence halls, dining services and student support services. 

Below is a list of modified hours and access for buildings on campus:

The Illinois College campus is closed to non-essential visitors to keep our community safe and healthy. Access to many buildings on campus is being restricted to make it possible to deploy IC’s custodial staff to areas that remain our highest priority for cleaning.

  • Alumni House is closed.
  • Baxter Hall is closed with no ID access.
  • Bruner Fitness and Recreation Center is closed with no ID access.
  • Caine Student Center:  and the Center for Student Involvement will be open until 2 a.m., but there will be no access eSports, ODEI lounge, or resource room. Please maintain appropriate physical distancing as you use this space.
  • Cummings Dining Hall is open to current students, faculty and staff for carry out only from 7a.m. - 8 p.m. daily, the dining hall will close from 1-1:30 p.m. daily for cleaning and shift change. All food service has been consolidated to Cummings. Starbucks and Mondos are closed until further notice. 
  • Center for Global Studies is closed with no ID access.
  • Crispin Hall is open 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. daily; including Del '72 and Lisa Dunham Auditorium (220) and the art rooms. 
  • Greek Lettered Organization meeting spaces are closed. 
    Kirby Learning Center  is locked, but accessible from 7 a.m. to midnight with student ID. The two largest computer rooms, 018 and 244, will remain open during these hours while the other computer rooms will remain locked. Food and drinks are not permitted in any of the computer labs on campus.
  • Lincoln Hall HUB will be open to students 24 hours a day with ID. The Tech Center will open 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. weekdays, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday, and 12 noon - 5 p.m. on Sunday.
  • McGaw Fine Arts Center will be open daily 7 a.m - 6 p.m. Sibert Theatre will be closed with some exceptions for specific situations. The art studio will only be accessible during the hours McGaw is open; there will be no exterior access to the art studio. 
  • Parker Science Building s locked. If you are someone who needs regular access to the building for academic reasons, please contact Residential Life directly at 217.245.3012 about your situation.
  • Rammelkamp Chapel is closed. 
  • Schewe Library will only be open to current students, faculty and staff from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Schewe will be closed on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Sturtevant Hall is closed. 
  • Tanner Hall is closed.
  • Whipple Hall is closed.
What is Illinois College doing to keep the campus clean and safe?

The IC facilities management team has received special training and increased its efforts to sanitize high-touch surfaces on campus. The College has taken steps to encourage social distancing and to change procedures to limit contact between people where possible. The College has also closed its campus to visitors and is requiring key access to some buildings.   

Once residence halls are empty, will they be cleaned and sanitized? 

Yes, the Illinois College facilities management team has received special training and plans to clean and sanitize these spaces. 

Course Delivery & Academics

Are courses being taught face-to-face?

Illinois College has made the decision to continue teaching in a remote/online format and suspend all face-to-face instruction through the end of the semester. Spring semester remains in session; this time of transition is not a break period for students, faculty or staff. Faculty will share the specific plans for continuing the work in their classes.

What should students who are enrolled in a course with a component of civic engagement or a lab do to fulfill that requirement? 

Professors are working to find creative ways for students to have similar experiences remotely. Faculty are working together to propose innovative solutions that allow students to complete this part of their education, although the work may look much different than it has in the past.  


How can I find out if an event on campus has been canceled?

Events on campus have been canceled or postponed through the end of the semester. This includes literary society and student organization meetings.

Are athletic events canceled?

Intercollegiate sports practices and competitions have been canceled for the season. The Midwest Conference has canceled regular season and post-season competitions – both league and non-league - for 2020 spring sports. In addition, it suspended all in-person  athletically-related activities through the conclusion of the Spring 2020 season.

The Bruner Fitness and Recreation Center is closed until further notice.


Is commencement canceled?

Illinois College's Commencement ceremony will be held virtually on May 10. We will plan a special celebration for the Class of 2020 during Homecoming Weekend on October 2-3. For additional information, visit the Commencement website.

An on-campus Commencement celebration is being planned for Sunday, Oct. 4. The College is working to include all traditional elements of a Commencement, including baccalaureate and a Commencement that allows graduates to walk on the stage to be honored in their caps and gowns. While we are hopeful, we cannot guarantee that this unprecedented situation will allow us to safely hold a Commencement ceremony on this date. 

I ordered a cap and gown. Can I return it for a refund?

Those who choose to cancel their order will be allowed to do so with a full refund, but refunds could take up to 30 days due to high volume of requests at this time. To cancel the order go to:

What is the deadline for ordering a cap and gown?

Herff Jones has extended the date to order caps and gowns to Tuesday, April 14.  Please visit their website at to place your order and make sure to select the ship to home option. 

Those who need to update an existing order to ship to their home address can do so at:

What is a virtual Commencement ceremony?

This ceremony is still being planned in collaboration with the Class of 2020. The College plans to widely stream the ceremony so that graduates and their families throughout the world can be included, and each graduate will be recognized individually by name. Updated Commencement information is available on the Commencement website.

Students Staying on Campus

For those students living on campus, will food delivery be allowed? 

Yes, while campus is closed to non-essential visitors, food delivery people will be allowed to deliver on campus but will not be permitted in any buildings. If you are a student ordering food on campus, you should meet the delivery person at the door. Here are some of the available options in the Jacksonville area

Can students who are living on campus without a meal plan access the cafeteria if needed? 

Yes, those students should contact our student success office at 217.245.3006 to discuss meal options.  

How does the stay at home order issued by Gov. J.B. Pritzker affect students living on the Illinois College campus? 

This executive order is in effect to limit personal encounters across the state in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, banks, health care facilities, and many restaurants providing take-out service will remain open. Roads, including interstates and toll roads, remain open and you can be outside freely.

Those students still living on campus will continue to be fully supported. Our residence halls will remain open and we will continue to offer carry-out only food service from Cummings Dining Hall. Because of the Governor’s call for as many employees as possible to work from home, the College will have a limited number of buildings open. A full list of building hours for students and essential employees is available on our Campus Operations page.

Is there a possibility that students would be permitted to stay on campus for the summer if necessary?  

Yes, Illinois College will work with each student to determine the best plan of action for them. Illinois College will assist students and work to ensure that they have a safe and healthy environment through the end of the semester and into the summer.  

When should students plan to move off of campus?

Those students who are able to, should plan to move off of campus on the last day of finals, May 1. Students who need to stay on campus beyond that date should contact Residential Life at 217.245.3012 to make arrangements. 

Students Leaving Campus

What should a student do if they left something on campus that they need to complete the semester?

Students should contact Residential Life at 217.245.3012 to discuss options. If it is an item that can be mailed, staff will work with the student to locate and mail the item to them. If the item is a prescription, students should contact the Chesley Health and Wellness Center at 217.245.3038 for assistance in transferring a prescription. 

What should a student do if they need a prescription transferred from Illinois College? 

Students should contact the Chesley Health and Wellness Center at 217.245.3038 for assistance in transferring a prescription. 

All Students

With the College asking employees to work remotely when possible, how will student employment and on-campus internships be affected?

The College is evaluating the impact of this remote-work policy on opportunities for students to maintain employment on campus and working on solutions for these students. Cases may need to be evaluated individually. 

How do I return my books at the end of the semester?

Students who have left campus will receive a shipping label at the end of the semester. Students can box up and mail back their books if they are not on campus to return them.

How will seniors who have not fulfilled their convo requirements for graduation meet those during remote learning?

The College will host virtual convocations for seniors who need these credits to meet their graduation requirements. More information will follow about how credit will be recorded. 

Can students still receive tutoring or help from campus resources like the writing center? 

Yes, students can still access campus resources and work remotely with staff. Students should contact the HUB in Lincoln Hall to access student success resources at 217.245.3575. If you are a student who is struggling, you are encouraged to work with your individual success advisor to identify all resources available to help you. 

What is an individual success advisor? 

Each student will be assigned an individual success advisor (ISA) to help them through this period of remote learning. The mission of each ISA will be to communicate with students on a one-on-one basis and to address any concerns or challenges that student is facing. This will allow students to continue receiving the individualized attention that is a hallmark of an IC education. If students have any concerns, they should communicate those to their ISA who will also serve as their advocate. A list of additional contacts for different areas of the College is available in our Contact Us page.

How can students stay engaged with academic coursework during remote instruction?

Students are encouraged to develop a schedule for making regular progress on coursework and to remember that no matter where they are, they are still a part of the Illinois College community.  During this time, students should make an effort to complete work daily and make every effort to not fall behind. Students are encouraged to check in often with their professors and ISAs and to communicate any challenges they are having during the transition to remote/online learning. Professors will work closely with students as they transition to remote learning, and ISAs can connect students with those resources which will be most helpful to them. 

What will happen to summer internships and on campus research? 

A final decision has not yet been made and options are being considered.

What is the status of off-campus internships? 

At this time all off-campus internships have been canceled. Many organizations are closed to outside visitors at this time and this step will also protect the health of our campus. Students who had internships at outside organizations have been contacted by the Center for Career Readiness and Experiential Learning. The College is working to find alternative projects and experiences for students to complete their internship requirements.  

Will students be issued any refunds for room and board at this time?

Illinois College has sent an email regarding room and board refunds to all eligible students. Those who need additional assistance can contact Student Financial Services at or call 217.245.3035. Because Illinois College employees are working remotely, all calls will be sent to voicemail and a staff member will return calls within one business day. 

What should I do if I am experiencing a financial emergency?

Any student who is facing a financial emergency or food insecurity during this time is encouraged to contact Dean Hemingway at 217.245.3006 or You may also speak with your individual success advisor to identify all resources available to help you.  

How will students return textbooks at the end of the semester? 

All students will be responsible for returning textbooks and learning materials at the end of the semester. The College will work to help make this as convenient as possible for students. 
Those who are leaving campus are asked to take their textbooks and the College will provide a shipping label at the end of semester so that books can be boxed up and shipped back. More specific information will be provided at the end of the semester. 

Will students be issued any refunds for room and board at this time?

To assist residential students with the unexpected change in living arrangements, Illinois College is offering prorated room and board refunds. Student Financial Services will calculate refunds based on the individual’s departure date provided by the Office of Residential Life. Details on refunds were emailed to students on March 27, 2020. 

What should students who are currently studying abroad do? 

The College is working closely with those students who are studying abroad to develop the best individual plan for each of them. Most students who were abroad have chosen to return to the United States at this point.

Can I still go on my BreakAway trip this spring?

All international travel on behalf of the College has been suspended until further notice. The College is working to secure refunds for canceled BreakAways.  

Will students being inducted into academic honor societies still be honored? 

Yes, these students will still be recognized. Ceremonies may still be held virtually to honor inductees if possible. More information about specific inductions will be shared as available.

Will Illinois College still recognize Easter Break?

During remote instruction, the College is still following its academic calendar. There will be a break April 9-10 with classes resuming on April 13. 

Who should students contact with questions about how student loans are affected by the refund?

All questions can be directed to Student Financial Services at 217.245.3035 or by email at

Is Illinois College considering offering a pass/fail grading option?

The College does not currently offer this option, but is considering giving students this option for some courses. Students who are concerned about grades should contact their professor or individual success advisor for assistance.