Inspiring Achievement The Campaign for Illinois College

Improvements to athletic and recreational facilities totaling $2 million will improve the College’s visibility and build school spirit while aiding in recruitment and retention.

Almost every student at IC uses athletic facilities and over one-third compete in intercollegiate athletics. When a committed coach is paired with outstanding facilities, the College is able to recruit and retain students who will be competitive and engaged on and off the field. Participation in intercollegiate athletics provides important opportunities for leadership and growth and strong sports programs promote a sense of pride and community campus-wide.

Through generous gifts to this campaign, the College has recently invested in lighting the Bellatti Tennis Complex and England Stadium, upgrading Joe Brooks Baseball Field and renovating Jessica Kamp Softball Field. Additional resources are needed to effectively construct and maintain outstanding facilities and meet the diverse needs of a growing student body. 

The College needs your help to compete the next phase of improvements as we update the weight room and fitness center to support the overall health and wellness of all IC students.

Make a gift to support IC athletic facilities now!