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Illinois College Society 

The Illinois College Society is made up of individuals and organizations who support the College with annual gifts of $1,000 or more or through lifetime giving. Thank you to all current Society members for making an impact on the lives of IC students every day.

Current Annual Members

Jeff and Rebecca Abernathy
Grace Adloff ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Airsman 
Brad and Nicole ’99 Tucker Alexander 
Allstate Foundation
Wally Anderson
Greg ’08 and Katie Miller Astroth ’09
Richard Bagby ’56
Greg ’74 and Tonya Johnson Baise ’76
Dick Bales ’73 
Bank of the West
Ryan ’97 and Laura Barke
Dick '64 and Suzie Barton
Jim '68 and Marge Arkema Bateman '68
Mike ’86 and Lisa Lonson Bauersachs ’85
Doug ’66 and Beverly Baumann
Darryl and June Taylor Beard ’79
Ruel and Margaret Wells Becker ’67
Sandy Stallings Bellatti ’70
Benevity, Inc.
Melanie Berg ’86 
Scottie ’91 and Diane Bevill ’81
Laurie Black ’84 
Wayne ’57 and Carol Black
Toni Blankmann ’74 and Bob Weiner
David Blackorby and Elizabeth Piontek
BLDD Architects INC.
Daniel and Cheryl Boehmke '64
Arlin ’03 and Emily Welch Boles ’03
Hunt '73 and Donna Lynch Bonan '76
Bob ’78 and Carolyn Bonjean 
Steve R. Bordner '77
Jeff ’78 and Marty Huss Boss ’78
John ’55 and Sharon Bostic
Leonard Brink ’66
Dan ’72 and Vickie Ware Brooks ’72
William '69 and Roberta Brooks
H.O. ’72 and Jane Jondro Brownback ’72
Evelyn Burchett-Brodland
Marcy Bramley Burrus ’71
The Honorable Cheri '83 and Gerry Bustos
Antoinette Callahan '55
Eddie ’70 and Sandra Carpenter
Elaine Chapman and Dennis Backstrom
Delinda Chapman '69
Mary Chesley
Chevron Foundation
Tim ’01 and Stephanie Chipman
George Clark
Dick Cody '63
Steve ’80 and Angela Copeland
Jeff and Addie Coultas
Greg and Lisa Crocher
David Croxton ’70 
Frank and Judith Cummings
George W. Curry Jr. ’71 
Gary Curtis ’57 
Conrad Damsgaard ’57
Warren and Barb Davenport
James and Joanna Davis
Scott '80 and Brenda Dean
Joan and Jeff DeBoer    
Delta Foundation
Daniel '78 and Joan Doerfler '79
John ’71 and Cindy Hazlet Dooling ’73
George ’59 and Pamela Dow    
Jim Downer ’66
Jimmy Duncan ’76
Carole K. Early '68
Jim ’62 and Ann Elliott
Roger Engels ’62 
Don ’70 and Kathy Romang English ’66 
Ernst & Young Foundation
DeVone Eurales ’05 
Stephen Evans ’68 
Rebecca Barr Evers ’66 
ExxonMobil Foundation
Glenn Fernetti ’02
First Presbyterian Church
Emmi Fischl ’44
Mike ’92 and Beth Doty Fletcher ’92
Tim ’92 and Valarie Taylor Flynn ’94
Steve R. Flynn '70
Jeremy '99 and Jessica Flynn
Jerry '70 and Juana Meinders Flynn '71
Andrea Frazier ’00
Mark ’73 and Jane Frech
French American Cultural Exchange 
Richard and Heidy Fry
Glenn '70 and Donna Gabanski
Hans Gallas ’71 and Vishwa Marwah    
General Electric Foundation
Jeff ’73 and Susan Nickel Gibbs ’73
Josh and Brooke Gronewold
Growmark, Inc.
Jean Guilmartin '73
Donald Gullquist ’66 
Bill ’63 and Sandy Selcke Gussner ’65
Steve Hackett
Wayne Hannah Jr. ’53 
Don ’66 and Pearl Newberry Hawrysz ’64
Alban Haxhinasto ’02 and Elizabeth French Becker
Gary ’74 and Debra Kurtock Haynes ’76
Henry Luce Foundation
Ken ’74 and Sara Hieke
Jono '66 and April Hildner
Earnest Hildner III
Bobby and Jean Hill
Jay Hinde
Kristan Becker Hoffman 
The Home Depot Foundation
Jean Batley Hoover '74
Steve ’71 and Janet Wadill Hopper ’72
Steve Hunt ’74
Illinois Humanities Council
Dorothy L. Ivemeyer '61
J.B. Large & Sons
Bob '65 and Barbara Jenkins
Nelson '65 and Marsha Johnston
Kent Jones ’69 
Susan E. Kaley '73
John and Betty Kay
David '65 and Gail Windmaier Kempton '65
Donald ’75 and Cathy Kensell
Dena Kilgus
Mark and Lisa Kilian 
Bill ’75 and Edie Andrews Kindermann ’75
Chris and Kathryn Kirt
Kay Kitchen-Maran
Helen Robinson Kohr ’47            
Charlene Kornoski-DuVall ’70 and Jim DuVall
Matt Kraatz '89 and Vickie Hermann '91
Henry ’61 and Judy Kransz
Chuck ’65 and Reva Krell
Louann Simpson Krogman ’80
Joan Krupa
Glen and Suzanne Krupica
John ’47 and Doris Kurtock
Michelle LaFayette ’95 
Greg '80 and Kendra Langdon
Peter Leonis ’88
Robert ’65 and Ann Lindquist
Kevin C. Lister '81
William ’59 and Nancy Logan
Ellis '61 and Margaret Lovell
Kyle '14 and Chloe Neisler Lucca '14
Bob '51 and Jodie Lukeman
Erich M. Hoberg and Julie Bodam Macartney '98
Carla Malottke
Jack and Marilyn Haynes Mann ’74
Mark Mann ’82
Joanna Marker ’02 and Eric Dettmann
Mickey ’79 and Laura Armstrong Marks ’80
Doris Marsh
Thomas Marsh 
Jerry ’70 and Penny Mason
Gary ’82 and Sharon Burchett Mather ’82
Patrick and Rosanne Mathis
Bill ’75 and Vicki Mattingly
Terry ’68 and Susan Berg Maulding ’69 
Bill Maxey ’75
Greg ’88 and Liz Airsman May ’91
Jack McCarty ’65
Kelly '76 and Colleen McLenithan '76
Rick ’85 and Natalie Meidel
Kim Merchant '94
Mark and Ann Merchlewitz '80
Joseph ’59 and Doris Millard
Donald and Susan Minnick
Newt and Adah Mitchell
Nancy S. Mohrman
George Monto '57
Bob ’78 and Sherry Moore
Francine Fitt Mundy ’74 
Tom ’70 and Lora Pond Murgatroyd ’69
Warren Musch ’43 
Naples Orchid Society 
Joe and Bev Neisler
Darlene Nelson ’70
Richard and Judith Luckenbach Nelson '81
Preston Newell ’65 
The Nic Soer Memorial Golf Tournament 
Conrad Noll III ’65 and Judy Noll
Gray ’99 and Lauren Noll
Donald ’65 and Nancy Kelly Nortrup ’62 
Nuestra Casa
Catharine O’Connell and Matthew Schultz
Steve and Maggie Oetgen
Robert '62 and Gail Fuller Olson '63
Joseph '69 and Ardith Opferman
Organization for Research on Women and Communication
Emy Osburn
Katherine Package
Joe P. Paldo '73
Tom and Melissa Lamb Pantier ’84
Earl and Lisa Peifer
Mark ’69 and Jill Maynard Peterson ’69
Fred Pilcher
Fred and Jan Pigott
Betty Fisherkeller Pine ’53
Carole S. Pohlman '74
Kenneth and Marilyn Cors Pomeroy ’66
John Porter ’68 and Iris Lugo
Adam and Nancy Taylor Porter
Dick and Becky Powell
Curt Pradelt ’66         
Prairie State Orchid Society
Tom ’80 and Ann Bishop Prather ’80
Susan L. Pratt ’80 and Jay R. Anders ’79
Joyce Pratt
George Pierce and Linda Newman Price ’70 
Leslie Proksa
Ed ’62 and Marge Ewert Puck ’65 
Charles '74 and Deborah Rammelkamp
George W. Reardon
George ’56 and Dadee Reilly
Jerry and Martyl Reinsdorf
David ’83 and Peggy 
Beckmeyer Ringhausen ’85
Earlom Rives ’66 
Winston Rogers ’82
Dean '77 and Arlene Russell
Jack '66 and Susan '66 Russel
Bob '62 and Barbara Sawyer '64
Todd and Angela Schack
Bob Schillerstrom ’74 
Hank ’73 and Martha Bryan Schmitt ’73
Dan ’05 and Susan Bergen Schoenleber ’07 
Randy ’63 and Joan Pederson Schulz ’63 
Tom ’74 and Susan Zeigler Scott ’75
Don ’50 and Faith Metzler Semla ’51 
William Shaffer
Phil ’65 and Diane Berthoux Shelton ’63 
Bernice H. Shepherd '47
Florence Shipowick
Tom and Ann Fusselman Showalter ’67
Kent Siltman '81 and Kelly '84 Siltman
Rick and Sally Smith '82
Brian and Marilyn Zupsich Smith
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Paul and Almut Spalding
Jim ’82 and Lis Enz Spradlin ’83
Jean Coultas Statler
Jim '75 and Gayle Stewart '75
Stormy Storm '49
Dale Summers '65
Doug ’64 and Martha Sutton
Andy ’71 and Linda Williamson Symons ’72 
Steve ’70 and Sara Hedrick Tavender ’70
Sarah H. Thomas
Maryon Tillery
Steve Hochstadt and Liz Tobin
Donald and Alice Tracey
Twyford BBQ & Catering
Louis ’67 and Marty Summers Vaché ’67
Gloria Cummings Vandaveer ’62
Vicki Hinck VanTuyle ’73
Martha Varble '61
Joe Sam Vassar ’67
Rick Verticchio ’75 
Mike and Suzanne Hartman Verticchio ’67
Rick '75 and Heidi Verticchio
Rick ’66 and Josephine Vuylsteke
James and April Wade
Ronald  ’58 and Margaret Wallace
Richard Ware
Harry Wegehoft ’50 
Chris Weller ’96 
Ray ’78 and Deb Baker Wellman ’78
Jeff '77 and Gale Wessler '77
Jay ’81 and Shelley Smith Wessler ’81 
J. Lee ’44 and Judy Westrate
Mike and Linda Cox White ’73
John Wilkey ’57 and Stephanie Smith-Wilkey
James Williams
Jeff ’75 and Jane Williamson
John ’78 and Donna Williamson
Donald E. Wilson '72
Richard ’62 and Joanne Woodruff
David and Valery Stull Zellmer ’74 
David ’86 and Karin Zink

Lifetime Members

Dr. Khalaf Al Habtoor H’10 
Khalaf Al Habtoor Foundation
Ameren Illinois Act on Energy
William and Sue Hammitt Anderson ’53
Archer Daniels Midland Co.            
Douglas and Susan Allen
Mark E. Arroll ’56
The Associated Colleges of Illinois
William C. Batson ’50
Gerry ’78 and Mary Ann Beard        
Joy French Becker ’67
Marcia Billhartz
Louise Bone
Stephen and Patricia Bone    
Bound to Stay Bound Books, Inc.
James ’66 and Kaye Bruner
Barrett and Susie Callaghan
Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
Diana Dawdy Chesley ’58
Bob ’74 and Janet Williams Chipman ’75
Council of Independent Colleges
Charles and Kathryn Cunningham
The Davee Foundation
Harmon H'09 and Millie Deal
Del ’72 and Lisa Dunham
Jack ’61 and Doris Gustine Fairfield ’62
Barbara A. Farley
The Farmers State Bank and Trust Co.
The Honorable Paul Findley ’43
Jim ’61 and Cathy Green            
Joel ’66 and Elise Leaks Harmon ’69
Neal ’60 and Dianna Hart
Duane ’72 and Sharon Hess
Bill ’66 and Vicki Hood
Roger Huson ’50
Illinois Board of Higher Education
Illinois Valley Paving Company    
Betty Jost ’50
Marge and Michael Meier
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Bill Merris ’56
David ’72 and Ellen Rammelkamp Miller ’72
William and Martha Behr Miller ’48 
James Mills ’56 
Richard ’51 and Rachel Mills
Steven ’77 and Betsy Huss Mills ’77
The Monticello College Foundation    
NCAA Program
National Endowment for Humanities    
North Central College    
Doris Prather
Tom ’76 and Linda Forsaith Purves ’76
Bob ’67 and Cathy Randall
Reynolds Consumer Products
Carol Bycroft Rieken ’63
Nancy Ray Ross ’65
Jack and Anita Rundquist
Jim ’69 and Mary Marshall Scheider ’72
Dr. Scholl Foundation    
Shell Oil Company Foundation    
Herb ’58 and Judee Sherman    
Deborah Klang Smith ’75 and Henry Dale Smith Jr.
State Farm Companies Foundation
Guy and Edie Sternberg    
Axel and Loreli Steuer
Ross Thomas ’18
Robert and Erin Thomson
Katherine Thompson Tillery ’74
Stephen M. Tillery ’72
US Bank
US Department of Education 
Jonathan Utley ’63
Jim ’65 and Joan Voyles
Dan ’69 and Lynne Oberlander Walters ’69
Gene ’63 and Lyn Wells
Jon D. Ware
George Zelcs