Campus Writing Center

The Campus Writing Center (CWC) serves as a resource for all academic writing at Illinois College.

The CWC is staffed by student and faculty consultants more than 40 hours per week. The CWC consultants will offer support and guidance to you as you practice and refine written communication for different purposes, audiences and contexts.

The consultant staff provides feedback and help in effective expository and creative writing in every discipline. We offer consultation on writing assignments, pedagogy and evaluation to faculty members. The CWC also promotes appreciation of writing as a worthy and personally rewarding intellectual and artistic endeavor. Besides our regular services, we offer special writing events and an annual conference, the Illinois College Undergraduate Conference of Writers (ICUCOW).

If you would like to make an appointment at the CWC, please visit the Campus Writing Center link on the Illinois College SSO Portal. If you have a problem making an appointment on TutorTrac, please email us at

Students who are in online classes or who are studying abroad may request online consultation. Go to the Campus Writing Center link on the Illinois College SSO Portal to access a schedule and help videos on using online apps for your consultation session. 

For further details, please email the director, Sarah Scheufele, at

The CWC looks forward to serving the IC community.