Outside Scholarships

The Office of Student Financial Services must be notified of any outside scholarships a student receives so that we can add it to their financial aid award.  Students should send the office a copy of the award or certificate before June 15 or as soon as the student is notified.  
Scans or pictures of the award or certificate can be emailed to SFS@ic.edu.  The name of the awarding organization, the name of the student, and the amount of the award must be included.
Outside scholarship checks should be mailed to:

 Illinois College
 Student Financial Services
 1101 West College Ave
 Jacksonville, IL 62650

The student's name and Illinois College student ID number should be included either on the check or in a letter accompanying the award. Scholarship checks received by our office will be divided equally between fall and spring semesters unless otherwise indicated in writing by the donor.