To support the academic success and access of our students, Illinois College established the Textbook Program to provide full-time students an individual copy of all required course materials adopted to supplement classroom instruction for each of the courses in which a student is registered.  Illinois College believes that this program improves student outcomes, enhances instructional quality and supports pedagogical goals. 

The Textbook Program provides access to all commercially available materials below competitive market rates and is the provider for all other group-assigned content.  As part of tuition, all full-time students have full, equal, and unlimited access privileges to all group-assigned content each term for every course in which the student chooses to register, regardless of major, field of study, or credit load.  

In accordance with Department of Education regulation § 668.164, full-time students receiving federal grants and/or federal loans have the option to opt-out of the Textbook Program and have the related charges prorated at which time the student is responsible for directly procuring all required textbooks and course materials. A signed authorization is required and participation should be discussed with the Office of Student Financial Services prior to accepting your financial aid award. The decision to opt-out of the Textbook Program must be made prior to the first day of class in a given semester.