Title IX Coordinator

Title IX Team

Title IX Coordinator

  • Angela Valuck '08
    Title IX Coordinator

Title IX Deputy Coordinators

  • Rebecca Leatherwood
    Student Development Program Coordinator
    Lincoln Hall, Room 1106
  • Abby Vorreyer
    Assistant Director of Athletics
    Bruner Fitness and Recreation Center, Room 1250

The Grievance/Resolution Process Pool

  • Angela Gonzales Balfe | Instructor of Criminal Justice
  • Sarah Briggs | Administrative Assistant for Business Affairs
  • Kelly Dagan | Professor of Sociology
  • Jessica Edonick |  Dean of Students
  • Ryan Flynn | Director of Community-Engaged Learning
  • Lauren Hays | Director of Human Resources
  • Jessamy Hintz | Assistant Director of Career and Leadership Development
  • Rebecca Leatherwood | Student Development Program Coordinator
  • Catharine O'Connell | Provost and Dean of the College
  • Adam Porter | Joel Scarborough Professor of Religion
  • Denny Schumacher | Executive Director of Residential Life and Campus Safety
  • Abby Vorreyer | Assistant Director of Athletics

Members of the Pool are trained annually, and can serve in in the following roles, at the direction of the Title IX Coordinator:

  • To provide appropriate intake of and initial guidance pertaining to complaints
  • To act as an Advisor to the parties
  • To serve in a facilitation role in informal resolution or Alternate Resolution if appropriately trained in appropriate resolution modalities (e.g., mediation, restorative practices
  • To perform or assist with initial assessment
  • To investigate complaints
  • To serve as a hearing facilitator (process administrator, no decision-making role)
  • To serve as a Hearing Chair and/or hearing panel regarding the complaint
  • To serve as a Appeal Chair and/or appeal panel regarding the complaint

Training Materials
The 2020 Title IX Regulations - specifically, 34 CFR §106.45(b)(10)(i)(D) - require that all materials used to train personnel involved in the Grievance/Resolution Process must be made publicly available.