Graduate Ready

Isaiah Smith '20

After graduation, Isaiah Smith ’20 followed a path he discovered at IC and began his career in government.


Currently a legislative coordinator in the Illinois House of Representatives, he said government is a tool for the people and hopes to help people through his work.

Isaiah came to IC for the chance to study outside of his home state of Florida and to pursue athletics, but he soon found that everyone was like family on the close-knit campus. In addition to competing in soccer, cross country and track, he was active in Gamma Nu, Alpha Phi Omega, Democrats of Illinois College and the Greek life board. He also had “an unforgettable experience” traveling to Washington D.C. to advocate on Capitol Hill for CARE, a humanitarian organization that fights poverty.

Isaiah discovered his interest in working in government at IC, in the classroom of Assistant Professor of Political Science Dane Wendell. They still keep in touch and discuss ideas and politics, Isaiah added.

“Professor Wendell is the greatest mentor I have ever had. Of all the theories, statistics and ideas that came from his courses, I learned to never stop learning. He always encouraged my statements, questions and arguments — as he trusted myself and other students to know what we were talking about before speaking. He always taught both sides of the ideological spectrum and provoked discussion. I have never met anyone who took one of his courses and did not enjoy it.”