From the Campaign Chair

A message from the Campaign Chair 

As a Trustee of Illinois College, I believe President Farley and her leadership team are focused on the right things to ensure the College’s long-term success.

Inspiring Achievement: The Campaign for Illinois College will allow the College to move quickly to meet the needs of students in a changing marketplace while still offering a personal, liberal arts education. At the highest level, the Campaign moves IC another step forward with a state-of-the-art campus and contemporary education that prepares students to contribute upon graduation.

Even though I’ve lived in Dallas, Texas, for nearly 40 years, I have maintained lifelong friendships established during my days at Illinois College. I still have close affection for professors who influenced me and credit them for helping me establish characteristics that I’ve carried throughout my career. Illinois College did much for me and I am happy
to reciprocate. It’s why I donate to the College and why I’m asking you to join me.

Every time I am on campus, I am invigorated. Walking across the quad, meeting the faculty and staff, and talking to students motivate me to help, and I am compelled to support the College because of what it did for me. If you have not been on campus, I encourage you to experience Illinois College and find something within this
Campaign that inspires you to support IC.

Please join me by investing in Inspiring Achievement to keep Illinois College strong for the future with a dynamic and contemporary education that will empower students to make a difference in the world.

Del Dunham

 Del Dunham ’72
 Illinois College Board of Trustees
 Campaign Chair