Graduate Ready

Hailey Phillips '19

Hailey Phillips ’19 used her time abroad in Europe to explore different species of animals inspiring her future career working in zoos.

Hailey on campus

The biology major originally came to IC to be part of the College’s exceptional pre-med program; however, after being introduced to orchid research with Dr. Zettler, she was inspired to pursue ecology. Hailey credits her time working in the lab as well as her experiences abroad in Germany with helping her find her passion for conservation. Hailey was also highly involved with student senate as well as SAB and had the opportunity to intern at the Lincoln New Salem Historical Center. She says her education at IC paired with her experiences at her internship has helped her strengthen her communication skills.  

This spring Hailey was elated to accept a job with the St. Louis Zoo following graduation. She looks forward to applying the skills she learned at IC to teach others about ecology as lead educator for a popular children’s program at the zoo.  

“IC was the driving force in starting my career because I was able to do so many different things, such as study abroad and complete independent research.”