Graduate Ready

Karina Donayre '19

For Karina Donayre ’19, a political science and international studies major, some of the most meaningful experiences of her college career were gained through experiential learning while doing community service.

Karina on campus

Working with the leadership program and attending faculty-led alternative spring break service trips, Karina found her passion in travel and service. From touring nonprofits in Atlanta, to visiting a Native American reservation in South Dakota, to witnessing the housing crisis in New Orleans, Karina was inspired to lend a helping hand. Karina’s dedication to social justice continued on campus as she co-wrote and directed a play derived from a series of interviews she conducted with Latino and undocumented students to help share their stories and experiences. She also excelled academically — her efforts inside and outside of the classroom were recognized when she was inducted into the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa honor society at graduation. 

Karina is excited to follow her passions as she explores a new area and helps others serving as an outreach case manager for Urban Servant Corps. In her role, she will gain experience working with youth at a homeless shelter in Colorado. She says her experiences at Illinois College also have her pondering the topic of anthropology and considering the possibility of graduate school programs in a related field.

“IC made me very passionate about social justice and about human rights, which is something I always had, but IC gave me the language and platform to be able to talk about it.”