Graduate Ready

Eric Hammitt '18

Eric Hammitt `18 has learned a lot about himself living on campus for the last three years.


Not only did the English major learn he was outgoing and had a knack for bringing people together, he has also developed into a community leader. Eric enjoys working on campus in the IC mail room and has had an internship at Jacksonville’s Playhouse on the Square learning about entrepreneurship, management and marketing at the small business. One accomplishment he is proud of is the creation of the Tabletop Gaming Club, which brings students together to play games, trade cards or just hang out in a relaxed environment. Building friendships and making social connections has been a big part of Eric’s college experience.

“Coming to Illinois College, it’s been easy to establish a sense of community. In some sense, IC is a self-contained community, but it’s still very much a part of the Jacksonville community. You get the IC discount at restaurants and stores and anytime anyone sees that you are from IC they have some connection to the College or a story to share. I think everyone in town loves IC and it’s great to have that positive response. It makes me love IC even more.”