Graduate Ready

Anne Sunther '18

Travel has always been a part of life for Anne-Emmanuelle Sunther `17.


Even coming to Illinois College was an experience with a new place for the West Africa native. After taking an East Asian politics course, Sunther was inspired to travel somewhere she hadn’t seriously considered before, Shanghai. With IC’s resources and the guidance of faculty, Sunther was able to spend an entire semester studying among 24 million people in China’s largest city. As an international studies and economics major, Sunther was interested in studying economic growth strategies that might be helpful to developing countries, like her home country. 

“In my life, academics, passion and the work I enjoy doing are closely related. Illinois College is the reason I was able to study abroad in China. Working with faculty, I was able to design an experience I enjoyed, learning and meeting new people and at the same time getting academic knowledge out of it. That is what drove me to go to China, and it has been the best decision of my life. I think when you study abroad you gain on many levels and you only realize the extent of what you’ve learned after you leave. I feel lucky that I was able to have this opportunity.”